Prosperity Mindset

Learn the Rules of Engagement for Transforming Your Life and Creating Abundance

Break Free From Limited Thinking And Patterns That Have Long Sabotaged Your Success!

Establish a new default in the way you operate and view life, and then experience a whole new level of abundance! This course in the P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula To Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation™ is the catalyst for the transformation you can expect with all 9 pathways (courses). Prosperity Mindset is the foundational course upon which all the others depend. As we all know, mindset is everything. It seems like everyone is talking about mindset. But, the P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M Formula's approach to a prosperity mindset doesn't just give you suggestions, and new realizations; it gives you the quick and dirty on cosmic truths, essential energy work you have to integrate, and everything else you need to do to multiply your success in ways that not just any old mindset hack can. You will walk away with a concrete blueprint to personal and professional transformation.

Why I Created This Course

I made this course to help others who know they deserve more in life and feel like they are not living the life they deserve to live. I know that the principles and practices I will share with you will transform your life the way they did mine. It's time for you to step into your truth.By implementing what I will teach you, you can expect to feel better about yourself, have more energy, up-level your confidence, become more productive, increase your spirituality, improve your relationships, experience greater financial abundance, and so much more.

Who is this course for?

Prosperity Mindset is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You feel stuck in your life and what you've tried so far hasn't worked
  • You are searching for more freedom to direct your life in new ways
  • You know that there has to be more to life and you want more passion and joy
  • You feel called towards personal transformation at the spirit level
  • You are ready to tap into your potential as a creative being
  • You need a mindset shift and a blueprint for getting there
  • You desire to increase the flow of money in your life
  • You want to clear the mental blocks you have to the flow of all types of abundance
  • You want to improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and your productivity
  • You are serious, motivated, and ready to apply yourself consistently to meet the goals of the course and your personal goals for success

My Story

Several years ago, I was broken, hurt, disappointed and broke! As a divorcee and single mom of two children, I had created a sort of mental prison for myself. I had suffered from years of anxiety, insomnia, fear of the future, and intermittent financial woes. I was often tense, and although I considered myself a fairly positive person, I could seldom maintain consistency in my life and direct my energy towards what I hoped was possible. Deep within though, I always appreciated the magnificence of life and ‘efforted’ to stay positive. Yet still, I felt I was just expending too much energy trying to stay afloat in so many areas. Certainly this isn’t what MY LIFE was supposed to be about. Often, I seemed to be caught up in a whirlwind of activity that wasn't as gratifying or rewarding as I felt it should be. Something was amiss.

I needed more freedom to direct my life, greater abundance with ease, and strategic and healthy relationships with family, friends and love ones. The search was on!!! It started with me feeling compelled to close the door on outmoded belief systems (caps or glass ceilings on life) and ways of living. My current paradigms were no longer serving me or moving me forward. I had this incessant yearning and urging to be showing up bigger, amassing and leveraging more of my wealth, living easier, and living each day with passion. After all, the rest of creation (the sun, the grass, the trees, and the moon) didn’t seem to be engaged in any struggle as far as I could see. So, why the hell should I, a marvel of creation, be engaged in this sort of resistance to life?

I realized that my scarcity mindset, my fear of success and failure, my lack of self-worth, my dream-killing relationships, and my general ‘out-of-syncness’ with the creative energy of the universe had obscured the truth of who I really AM. Worse, this was holding me back from manifesting magnificence and fulfilling on what I came to this planet to do. I decided that a return to wholeness was the order of the day. So, I began my sojourn.

It continues to be a beautiful journey of learning opportunities, 'synchronicities', and blessings as I continually invest in myself and learning opportunities, embrace a prosperity mindset, and commit to unwavering worthiness. Continually refining my entrepreneurial skills-which is a great source of my passion and freedom-and becoming more discerning about which and what energies I will allow into my life- has allowed me to step to the plate, realize my options, and take charge of my life. I am the creative feminine vessel that I was destined to be. Tunisia AliMotivated by my own personal challenges, self-development successes, and professional experiences, I decided that a comprehensive approach to self-transformation was needed for women and should be shared with the world. I realized that none of the approaches to personal transformation encompassed the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual needs of the total being. It was then that I endeavored to take my 25 years of educational & training experiences, coupled with my work as a healer and Intuitive Life Coach to develop my signature program, P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula To Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation™. This powerful combination of 9 courses and support provides the synergistic blend that guarantees personal transformation and a dramatic change in one's life circumstances.

What Do You Get In This Stand-Alone Course?

Prosperity Mindset is the first and most critical course for those ready to shift to a new reality. It paves the way for all of the other course. Prosperity mindset focuses on helping you to develop a new level of consciousness- a mindset of abundance- and underscores just how important your mindset is. It's here where you will realize your power to create. In this class, you learn all about a prosperity mindset and what blocks it. You will identify what is known as a scarcity mindset as well and the ways of living that accompany this kind of mindset. You will be introduced to energetic and spiritual laws that will support your mindset shift as you practice working with specific laws and recording your results. You will establish a new default in the way you operate and view life and will develop your own prosperity mindset practice. Additionally, you will learn how to determine where you are on the prosperity mindset continuum, and apply strategies that will assist you in solidifying and mastering your new mindset. It is here where you will begin to experience the tangible results of a mindset shift by applying empowering prosperity mindset principles each day.

Within this course, you have access to:

1. In-depth videos
2. Downloadable audio support
3. Portable images for referencing concepts on-the-fly
4. Countless tools and strategies
5. A community group for support (where applicable)
6. Personalized interaction with Tunisia Ali
7. Quizzes
8. Comment sections for responding to provocative questions
9. Group/Individual Phone Calls (where applicable)
10.The Sacred Seven Blueprint for Transformation (guaranteeing your ultimate success)!

Course Quality

The depth and breath of this course is impressive. This course goes well beyond what typical self-improvement or soft skills courses provide. It exceeds mere tips and motivational speeches. In this course, you not only get proven strategies and quality instruction, you get in-depth tools for self-examination, worksheets for deepening your self-awareness, and plenty of opportunities to practice and establish your new skills. Such a marvelous lifelong value that will only increase with time and implementation.

If you are interested in the comprehensive P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula to Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation, which includes all 9 pathways, click here!

Your Instructor

Tunisia Ali  Life Coach
Tunisia Ali Life Coach

I'm Tunisia Ali. I am a POWERdigm Life Coach™, Educator and Reiki Master in the Atlanta area, and owner of Butterfly Transformations & Hidayah REIKI. I am a best-selling Author, Spiritual Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Certified Hypnotist, and Workshop Facilitator. As a life coach and successful entrepreneur of 15 years, I assist people in their sojourn towards greater personal fulfillment, spiritual balance, relationship alignment, and entrepreneurial accomplishment. I sustain my studies in energy healing modalities and continue to synthesize current research on alternative healing strategies, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, consciousness, and much more to assist overall health and wellness and quality of life. My passion is in helping people to reconnect with spirit and return to wholeness. My involvement in holistic health paradigms, my passion for encouraging those close to me to embrace alternative ways of living and being, and my coaching have transformed many lives.

I offer a host of other specialty services that empower people to take charge of their lives and live from their soul. Today, I assist thousands of clients and impact people all over the world, through my books, online trainings, social media platforms, and private healing practice. You can find my book on Amazon. It is called Manifesting Your Masterpiece: Self-Coaching and Daily Mindset Reflections for Up-Leveling and Living Your Best Life!

Course Curriculum

  Segment 2B: Guided Meditation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Segment 5: Your Mindset Practice
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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