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Monetize Your Talent

The Tarot is making a comeback! Opportunities to monetize your passion abound! People today are experiencing increased levels of spiritual awareness and consciousness. Many are looking for ways to live a fuller and more meaningful life. They want to understand more about what motivates them as well as what is blocking them. As well, others who have denied their spiritual healing gifts, and those who need healing are gravitating towards the guidance that Tarot provides in droves. As you develop your skills and become more confident and accurate in your readings, you will find that Tarot provides many opportunities for increased income. You can make yourself available for tarot parties, you can perform individual readings for friends and family, and you can even set up a healing practice where Tarot is one of many or the sole service you provide. You can also attend healing seminars or set up a kiosks at vending events to share your talents with your community. You can even start earning right away by starting a YouTube channel or teaching tarot classes. Either way, if tarot is your passion, why not share it with others and monetize in the meantime!

Endeavor to Catalyze Your Spiritual Journey With Tarot!

The healing that the tarot provides and the deepening levels of self-awareness that it nurtures are just a couple of the countless benefits of embracing this tool of self-discovery. The more you work with tarot, the more you will realize that its depths provide the gift that just keeps on giving. You can never exhaust your growth with this amazing spiritual tool and will quickly find that it's value is unrivaled. There are so many ways to use this tool for healing, manifesting, doing shadow work, and deepening your spirituality while opening your 3rd eye and activating your psychic abilities.

Why I Created This Course

Learn Tarot the Easy Way and Monetize It Now is for people who want to significantly increase their income by helping others to heal their emotional and mental blocks and gain clarity about the direction of their lives.

I created Learn Tarot the Easy Way and Monetize It Now for people who seek to learn the tarot to increase their income or start a healing practice without all the waiting and fears that come with feeling like you don't know enough to become a capable tarot card reader.

I also made this course to help others who are on a spiritual journey seeking greater knowledge of themselves. There are a multitude of tools that allow us greater knowledge of ourselves, those around us, and the energy that is at play behind the scenes. Tarot is one of those tools. With tarot you can heal, do deep shadow work, create manifesting rituals, increase your psychic abilities, see into future possibilities, and take charge your life, while helping others to do the sam. I know that the ideas, methods, and practices I will share with you will transform your life the way they did mine. It's time for you to step into your truth by embracing a tool that is as much fun as it is therapeutic for you and those you share it with.

By implementing what I will teach you, you can expect to feel increase your cash flow substantially, feel better about yourself, have greater clarity, up-level your confidence, become more productive, increase your spirituality, improve your relationships, experience greater financial abundance, and so much more. Yes, the Tarot aids in manifesting! This is a universal all-purpose tool. The sky is the limit.

Who is this course for?

Learn Tarot The Easy Way and Monetize It Now is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You desire to change careers or increase your income DRAMATICALLY because you are searching for more freedom to direct your life in new ways and you want to manifest more money doing something you love
  • You seek to help others clarify relationship, career, and health and wellness concerns while being paid handsomely for your work
  • You are sincerely interested in learning how to effectively use the tarot and are willing to put in the time consistently to hone this art form. You feel stuck in your life and you are looking for new ways to energize your life
  • You feel called towards personal transformation at the spirit level and are open to divination tools to help yourself and others
  • You are ready to tap into your potential as a creative being
  • You want to clear mental and emotional blocks and develop a greater degree of clarity
  • You want to be aware of the energy that surrounds you or others during transformational periods and be able to predict potential future outcomes
  • You are serious, motivated, and ready to apply yourself consistently to meet the goals of the course and your personal or professional goals for success

My Story

Something other worldly drew me to tarot. I remember the day I was surfing the Internet and the beauty of these images on a group of cards were calling me. Once I realized what they were, I felt weird. I had always heard terrible things about these cards and having been an observer of religious doctrine, I associated them with evil. Going through a spiritual transformation at the time and in the process of opening my heart to spirit and working my way towards becoming a Reiki Master, I could not resist.

The day they arrived in the mail, I remember feeling like a child who was sneaking to get cookies from the pantry. As I made it up the stairs to my room and locked the door, I began to experience the beauty of the colors and images on the cards. Somehow it felt right. I shuffled and began randomly pulling cards. Oddly, the cards I would pull seems to resonate with me. As the days went on, there were just some cards that I never pulled no matter what. I began to see a pattern. As I continued exploring the cards and learning to trust my sole and now favorite deck (LOL), I realized I could always look within my heart to resonate with the message of a given card. I was determined to learn more.

Fast forward three plus years, after countless hours of reading and lots of practice and performing paid readings, and here I am today having created a course that I hope will help you. It continues to be a beautiful journey of learning opportunities, 'synchronicities', and blessings as I continually invest in myself and learning opportunities, share my passion with others, and trust in the trajectory of my spiritual path. I know that the tarot has helped me with greater clarity of purpose, enriched my relationships, encouraged me to check myself in areas of emotional honesty and anticipate the growth still yet to come.I am the creative feminine vessel that I was destined to be. Today I run a healing practice (Hidayah Reiki) and a Coaching Business (Butterfly Transformations) of which the tarot is an integral part of. I am sharing the wealth of tarot with many and assisting them in their spiritual sojourn! Yay Tarot! I have truly taken the leap and cast my fate to the wind!

What Do You Get In This Stand-Alone Course?

This course will give you the foundational skills of tarot and help you build capacity in the area of doing readings for yourself and others. If you continue a schedule of regular practice, making time to do readings for others, and continuing to learn and open yourself up to spirit, you will become a successful reader in less time than you would have ever imagined. As you integrate many methods and strategies, you will learn to listen to your intuition and your psychic skills will become sharper in time.

Within this course, you have access to:

1. In-depth videos
2. Downloadable support
3. Portable select images for referencing concepts on-the-fly or making connections
4. Personalized interaction with Tunisia Ali
5. Quizzes
6. Comment sections for responding to provocative questions
7. Life time access to the training for as long as this course is active

Course Quality

The depth and breath of this course is impressive. This course goes well beyond what typical beginner's tarot courses offer. In this course, you not only get proven strategies and quality instruction, you get the practice you need to feel confident, worksheets/activities for sharpening your skills, cheatsheets, and plenty of opportunities to practice and establish your new skills. Such a marvelous lifelong value that will only increase with time and implementation.

If you are intrigued by this course, you might want to also check out my other courses designed to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually enrich you. If you are interested in the comprehensive P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula to Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation, which 9 pathways, click here!

Your Instructor

Tunisia Ali the Entrepreneur
Tunisia Ali the Entrepreneur

I am a POWERdigm Life Coach™, Educator and Reiki Master in the Atlanta area, and owner of Butterfly Transformations & Hidayah REIKI. I am also a best selling Author, Certified Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Spiritual Mentor. As a life coach and successful entrepreneur of 15 years, I assist people in their sojourn towards greater personal fulfillment, spiritual balance, relationship alignment, and entrepreneurial accomplishment. I offer a host of other specialty services that empower people to take charge of their lives and live from their soul. Today, I currently help thousands of people and impact clients from all over the world, through my books, online trainings, social media platforms, and private healing practice. I sustain my studies in energy healing modalities and continue to synthesize current research on alternative healing strategies, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, consciousness, and much more to assist overall health and wellness and quality of life.

You can find my book on Amazon. It is called Manifesting Your Masterpiece: Self-Coaching and Daily Mindset Reflections for Up-Leveling and Living Your Best Life!

My passion is in helping people to reconnect with spirit and return to wholeness. I was able to use these new awarenesses to elevate my life and the lives of the many people I serve through my work. As an entrepreneur, I began to really excel and step into my power as a divine feminine spirit nurturing and actualizing my creative potentials.

The more I began to reflect on the success of my school and my eventual transition to a healing and coaching practice, the more I realized that over the years as I continued to learn new things, I was fundamentally building around some core principles as I began to grow and grow. I realized that my success and lessons could be used to help others who were awakening to their need to monetize their passion and purpose. Than Vwallah! Here we are! This set of 9 course in the Beef-Up Your Business and Intensify Impact Series will stretch you in ways you never dreamed of. It's time you started that Heart-Based Enterprised and put yourself out there to share your gifts with the world.

The Nine Courses Are:

  • Passion & Purpose
  • Crystallizing Your Communication & Message
  • One-Way Marketing
  • Cash Injection and Greenback Generating
  • Promoting Yourself
  • Systematizing For Success
  • Mindset, Mission, and Manifesting
  • Strategizing & Implementing Amplification Activators
  • Marching Orders & Actioning

As you increase your knowledge, identify stumbling blocks, get clarity, and action greenback generating activities, you will rise and shine to the level you have always known you were capable of! Welcome to this amazingly transformational course! See you on the other side!

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. You must have a least completed all of the modules however and provide proof of the completed worksheets. In this way, there is an assurance that you made every effort to benefit from the course. As well, it will provide clues for our team as to what improvements we need to make.

It is with great enthusiasm that I support your journey to heightened levels of spiritual connection with the use of the tarot. I wish you all the best and may high vibrations and light envelop your aura! Be blessed!

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